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Commission for Countering Extremism comment on Times story

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The Times has today reported that a charity receiving donations via a scheme run by Amazon was founded by, and for a time, chaired by Haytham al-Haddad.

The Times approached the Commission for Countering Extremism for a comment on al-Haddad's views on homosexuality, domestic violence, non-Muslims and those Muslims who don't conform to his interpretation (including Ahmadiyya and Shi'a).

Sara Khan, our Lead Commissioner, argues that his supremacist worldview does not represent the vast majority of British Muslims and has the damaging effect of feeding anti-Muslim hatred.

Here is her quote in full.

Sara Khan, Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, said:

“Islamist extremism is not just manifested as terrorism or violence. Haitham al-Haddad’s views are misogynistic, racist and homophobic. They promote a supremacist ‘us versus them’ worldview that wrongly makes Muslims feel that they can’t be fully British; that permits bullying and intimidation of those who choose not to conform and that has the damaging effect of tarring many Muslims by association.

“This cycle of hatred and extremism is a threat to our rich diversity and it has to stop. As a society, we must adopt a consistent and zero tolerance approach to all those who advocate non-violent extremism and that is why my first task as Commissioner is to produce a wide-ranging study into extremism as the first step in helping us all to do more to challenge extremism.”


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