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Commissioner for Countering Extremism on the Independent Review of Prevent

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The Independent Review of Prevent, written by William Shawcross, is a vital contribution to the nation’s ongoing attempts to combat extremism and terrorism.

Prevent aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. The recommendations arising from the Independent Review seek to facilitate a more robust, balanced and transparent approach in doing so.

Among the Independent Review’s findings is that “the government should place a high priority on work around counter-extremism and ensure that Prevent is active in this area”.

This is an understandable response to a phenomenon where individuals or groups that do not plot acts of terrorism can still create permissive environments for the spread of extremist ideologies.

The Independent Review identified several areas where the CCE should play a vital role in helping Prevent.

It has been agreed that the CCE should offer support across a range of recommendations, including those relating to training and advisory boards.

This work will take place alongside our existing role in offering advice and scrutiny to government on all forms of extremism.

Reflecting on the publication of the review, Commissioner for Countering Extremism Robin Simcox said:

“The Independent Review of Prevent’s findings can only aid the quest to keep our country safe from the menaces of extremism and terrorism.

The Review’s recommendations should prove a significant help to government.

The CCE is uniquely placed to help scrutinise how the recommendations published in the Independent Review are now implemented and embedded.”

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